Ten Facts About KSHMR You Probably Aren`t Aware Of

KSHMR has made a charming career by using sounds that depict the Indian culture. He has immense love for India which he expresses through his productions. That’s what got us curious to dig in and find out the following facts about him:-

1) Kshmr wrote storyline of Jammu music video himself.
2) He has produced songs for Selena Gomez, Enrique Iglesias, pitbull, Jason derulo, Snoop dogg in the past.
3) KSHMR is also the co-owner of UberFacts with his friend Kris Sanchez who founded the company. 
4) The Cataracs’ name was inspired by the Snoop Dogg lyric, “Smoke till ya eyes get cataracts” from his song, ‘What’s My Name Pt. 2.’ He later produced a song for Snoop dogg called Sweat.
5) Carnage spent a year living in kshmr’s home producing.
6) KSHMR is interested in composing Bollywood film scores. 
7) KSHMR visited India many times in childhood but never actually been to Kashmir.
8) Kshmr’s grandfather is a part of an organisation that provides aid to Kashmiris forced to emigrate, and KSHMR has plans to contribute to it via a charity event in India.
9) KSHMR was the highest entrant in the DJ Mag rankings of 2015, debuting at #23. He played only one gig before getting in the list which was also after the voting had closed. So we could say he achieved that purely on the back of his beasty productions. 

10) KSHMR loves helping upcoming producers, he’s always seen helping out upcoming producers on social media or even through various workshops. He did one such in Delhi earlier this year in January after his performance at Sunburn 10.

Credits: @TeamKSHMR

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