Deborah is one of the artists who had a major turning point in her career when she came across a Naples based DJ/Producer. Deborah De Luca is one of the major names in the underground scene who has experience of a decade n the music industry. This year,  she released her debut album Ten dedicated to 10th anniversary of her music career. She has made a mark in the electronic music scene with her signature good fusion of hard techno and minimal sounds. Deborah has been smashing stages across the globe with her heavy & groovy pounding music. She is finally hitting the Indian shores this month, get ready to witness her life!

She will be touring three Indian cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore.

1.Kitty Su, NEW DELHI

2.Kitty Su, MUMBAI 

3. Kitty Ko, Bangalore

Three massive shows over a weekend, Kitty Su & Paradox present Deborah De Luca, Kitty Su Mumbai & Paradox present Deborah De Luca and Pleasuredome presents Deborah De Luca at The Lalit.