EDMLI Exclusive Interview With Sevenn

We had an amazing opportunity last week to have a few words with American Duo, Sevenn while they were touring India!

We really hope that India had an amazing time witnessing the duo which were brought by T-Agency to Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata!

EDMLI: Firstly, how was it to perform here at the St.Xaviers College, Kolkata?

Sevenn: It was really amazing!

(Check out a little video of their show at Kolkata here)

EDMLI:  Considering your track ‘BOOM’ as your most successful release till now, how was it working with the Dutch legend, Tiësto?

Sevenn: Ohho! He smells really good! He smells like summer in Paraguay! He smells like baby powder on baby’s belly button!

EDMLI: Your Deep House style with the dark crunchy brazillian bass has absolutely been revolutionary.
What do you have to say about your work flow in the studio and how does it feel to work as a Duo?

Sevenn: Well, we’re brothers and we’ve been making music since we were 8 years old, and it’s fun, we decided that we could conquer the world haha.

EDMLI: Is there any collaboration with Alok and Bhaskar in the works? Would really be thrilled to hear a track from you three!

Sevenn: Alok, yes! Another one with Gucci Mane and Tiësto, and also one with Yves V.

EDMLI: What could you tell us about the Indian culture & food? We really hope that you have an amazing time in our country.

Sevenn: Oh! The food here is awesome holy shit! Especially Gulab Jamun is so awesome!
We really love it! Taha (T-Agency) never gave us Gulab Jamun haha. We asked for Gulab Jamun in the dressing room but he never gave us cause he says you have to look sexy and skinny and Gulab Jamun has a lot of sugar so yeah *laughs*

EDMLI: Where does the name “Sevenn” come from? What inspired you guys to keep such a name?

Sevenn: Well, its Sean and Kevin! SEVENN!

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