Hardwell To Perform At The Closing Ceremony Of The Uefa Champions League Final

The significance of EDM has been growing over the years. Footballers also seem to be quite fond of it, since a lot of them are found at clubs with all of the popular DJ’s. Hardwell is definitely one of the biggest names in the scene. It’s also no secret that he is a fan of football. He is a supporter of Barça. He has even met Lionel Messi and Neymar in the past. The latter used to be a part of Barça back then. He will be representing EDM at the final of the champions league and make sure that the fans worldwide remember to have some fun with the music along with the football.

The finalists this year are Real Madrid & Liverpool. Who will win? While we do not know the answer to that, we do know whose tunes the fans of both clubs would be dancing on. Stay tuned for more details about the Uefa Champions Festival featuring Hardwell. He is set to perform a day before the much awaited final.

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