EDMLI Interview: Dubvision

DubVision is a Dutch DJ duo consisting of two brothers Victor Leicher and Stephan Leicher signed to one of the best labels in the world including, Spinnin’ Records, Axtone, Revealed Recordings, etc. They are well known for their Progressive House Style. They have collaborated with artists like Afrojack, Sander van Doorn and many more!

They are currently touring India for the Ultra Singapore Countdown Tour in 3 of the cities which include Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. We recently had the privilege to interview the Dutch brothers at the Matahaari Nightclub in Mumbai.

Q. Firstly, Where did the name ‘Dubvision’ come from? Is there any story behind it?

DubVision: That’s a really simple question for us, I was just laying in my bed and a name come up to me and we thought this could be it. And after sometime people were calling us Double Vision cause we were brothers, so we were been referred to vision by them haha!

Q. How was it working with Afrojack on ‘New Memories’?

DubVision: It was very nice, we’ve been working with him for quite a while and we’ve been to his studio quite a few times. So we just had this idea for New Memories’ instrumental version and he had a vocal so we decided to team up and work and finish it off in the studio.

Q. Any upcoming collaborations and tracks planned this year?

DubVision: There’s a new track coming up on Armada Music. It’s a DubVision original called ‘Steal The Moon’ on July 12. And also a remix of the new Martin Garrix track.

Q. What plans for your recent project with Firebeatz called MetaFo4r? How did you plan to team up and bring up Metafo4r?

DubVision: Yeah we started this project with Firebeatz and we played together for the first time at EDC Las Vegas this year. And, the next gig would be on Tomorrowland MainStage in the last weekend (Sunday) at 6:00-7:00 pm and we have all new IDs and around 30 new tracks and we are really proud about it after accomplishing this.

So, we had this idea and we talked to them as we are friends for quite a time now. So they agreed and we started with the tracks and all new sets!

Q. How is to be in the country full of cultures and traditions, India?

DubVision: Oh we love India! The people here are so lovely and friendly and we get tons of messages from our fans here and it’s so crazy!  The food is tasty but yeah could be hard for stomach sometimes haha!

Q. Should we expect some new music at Matahaari today?

DubVision: Umm, just a little bit of new music. We’re playing the new track coming up on Armada on 12th July and just a little bit of Metafo4r. Also we have some very good mashups for you.

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