LOUISAHHH Reveals Big News, Talked About Her Record Label, Collaborations & Much More

Louisa Pillot better known by her stage name LOUISAHHH is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the underground electronic music scene. She has been stunning the global electronic music community with regular releases on Bromance, Hot Creations, Suruba, Throne of Blood and Lo:Rise/Defected. In a very short time LOUISAHHH has established herself as an act with her amazing unique style and explosive DJ sets. With global hits such as ‘Let the Beat Control Your Body’ and ‘Nobody Rules the Streets’, Louisa continues to dominate the scene. She also heads her very own imprint RAAR records which aims to release truly innovative music from and for the brave sonic explorer. In December 2018 she made her Indian debut at SUNBURN Festival 2018 where we caught up with her before her performance.

Here’s the small conversation I had with the French Techno queen:

1. You are all set to make your Indian debut at Sunburn Festival tonight what are you expecting?

Louisahh: Honestly, I’m kinda excited to go out and check out the crowd and have a feel of the festival because I have no idea what to expect. It’s been interesting because I have been getting a response on social media from people coming out to be excited which I never expected because I have never played here before. It’s gonna be fun for sure.

2. What were the biggest highlights of the year 2018 for you?

Louisahh: Wow! I just finished an album which is set to come out in 2019, its my debut and I’m really really proud of it! I feel like the biggest highlight of the year was growing up with a lot of new music and working for the album.

3. Can you share the story behind the Brodinski collab “Let The Beat Control Your Body” which was one of your biggest releases?

Louisahh: Yes, it was the debut release on Bromance which came out in 2011-12. 2011 man! So I know Brodinski since 2010, we met at Miami Music Conference where DJ Danny was playing and we had a lot of mutual friends. Umm, he introduced me to Danny Daze so I shared a couple of tracks with him and he liked them so later we collaborated but it was kinda weird (laughs) although it never came out. Later me and Brodinski collaborated for the track and which became the first release on Bromance and rest is the history! This track literally started a movement in French techno, later I moved to France from Los Angeles. This track came out in the phase of my life where it was all just beginning.

4. Tell us a bit about your imprint RAAR Records.

Louisahh: So RAAR Records is my project with Maelstrom. Mael was introduced to me through Brodinski because I was having trouble translating my sound for my first EP, “Transcend”. I moved to France, later I came to Maelstrom’s house to make a record and it was like he became my musical partner, my soulmate in music. So, he kinda took me into his family and we eventually put out a number of tracks for Bromance but many they were turned down because they were too weird. And we were like we need to have our own label because these tracks were awesome and had to put out to the world, so we started “RAAR” in 2015 and released tracks from Black Asteroid, Dave Clarke & many more. So it’s kind of amazing; in order to do a positive change, we have to do something different.

5. How will you describe your music?

Louisahh: It’s moving in the right direction, its punk rock for all the techno heads with kinda wild energy. Its a ferocious combination of dark and deep stuff.

6. So what can we expect from  LOUISAHH in 2019?

Louisahh: Hopefully, 2019 is going to be a big year for me because the album is set to come out, my live show with a band, a drummer. A lot of upcoming RAAR. singles from me and Maelstrom, just trying to put out as much great new music as possible. Keep moving and keep working in the right direction. Getting into wilder stuff and becoming braver with authenticity

Featured Image Credit: Baricci

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