EDMLI Exclusive Interview with Don Diablo

We got an amazing opportunity to sit down and have a word with none other than Don Diablo himself just before his massive set at Timeout 72 in Goa.

Regarded as one of the founding fathers of the Future House movement, it’s evident why Dutch DJ/Producer Don Diablo is seen as a pioneer of the dance music world. Currently #11 in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll – making him the highest placing artist in the Future House category – Don has earned praise from talent and tastemakers across the globe for major hits such as ‘On My Mind’, ‘Universe’, ‘Anytime’, ‘Chemicals’ and ‘Cutting Shapes’ and is set to release his forthcoming artist album next year.

Launched in 2015, Don’s record label “HEXAGON” won Best New Label on Beatport with the most Top 10 records in its first year and as a producer Don has also been credited as the “best selling house & future house artist of all time” on Beatport. His HEXAGON Radio Show is currently broadcast in over 35 countries globally, holds a weekly Top 10 position in the iTunes podcast section every week reaching millions of people across the planet.

The talented Dutchman has further demonstrated his creative flair through his huge passion for film & cinematography, which has led to him producing all of his own music videos and in 2017 he scored the title song for international Sci-Fi film “Kill Switch.” We can’t wait to see what Don Diablo has in store for us in 2018. 



EDMLI: How does it feel to be back in India ? 

Don Diablo: It feels incredible. I’ve missed you guys. I’ve missed India and i’m super happy to be back. You guys are always asking me on my socials ‘When are you coming back?’. I’ve literally been begging my agent to send me to India, I need to go before the year ends and I’m really happy we’ve made it happen.

EDMLI: ‘Children Of A Miracle’ with MARNIK has been undoubtedly one of your best releases. Do we get to hear another Don Diablo & Marnik collaboration soon ?

Don Diablo: We don’t have anything planned it. Who knows, they’re amazing guys and pretty talented and ‘Never Say Never’. I don’t do alot of collaborations i really focus on my own music personally. I’m really happy about that song, It was a Big one.

EDMLI: How has the journey been with your record label, Hexagon and what are your future plans for it ?

Don Diablo: Oh man! I’m just getting started. Already in January we have these 2 really cool releases. Then I have my album dropping in February, it’s called ‘Future’. I’ve been working on it since 6 years . It’s not super club oriented, I just wanted to show a different side of myself on it, more like song based. Just Music that tells a story. Something that goes into the heart and not just into the feet.

I’m really excited to finally be able to share it after 6 years, some music on there i’ve been playing it in my sets since 2 years.  Alot of ID’s (Laughs) Next thing you know people say this sounds more like a Future Bass record. I wanna make music that has emotion and has like futuristic production elements. I always like to push the boundaries and bring new elements in Electronic Music and so that’s what i’m trying to do. Sometimes it’s House, Slowjam and some more Bassy stuff. But this is the moment to come out of the comfort zone and show some versatility. 

EDMLI: How excited are you to perform tonight at Timeout72, Goa ? Do we expect to hear any unreleased Don Diablo Music tonight ? 

Don Diablo: I’m gonna play a brand new Single it’s called ‘Everybody’s Somebody’. It’s really about how we all matter wherever we are on the planet if we are in India, Africa or Canada. It’s like an anthem. It’s actually a followup to ‘What We Started’. I’m gonna play it for the first time today. I have like 2-3 new songs from the label and from myself. I’ve also got a brand new Kygo remix which i’m gonna be trying it out. 



EDMLI: We’re sure it’s gonna be a legendary night in Goa. Lastly, what message do you have for Hexagonians all around the world ? 

Don Diablo: Shout out and big Love to all my Indian Hexagonians. I hope to be back in 2018 for sure. I’ll do my utter best as always.



Dutch Maestro has something to say for his Indian fans, Watch the video here:




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