Vini Vici Talks About Their Recent Release, Dream Collaboration & Evolution Of Psy-Trance

Israeli Psytrance duo Vini Vici have grown exponentially over the last couple of years. Last week Vini Vici played the mainstage at Sunburn Festival in Pune. Vini Vici delivered a stunning set full of euphoric psy-trance set. The duo has been consistently pushing forward their intention to express their love for the old school sound, paired with progressive ideas. Vini Vici have a special place for India in their heart. On day 2 of SUNBURN Festival they dropped a mashup which they made exclusively for Asia’s biggest electronic music extravaganza. We had the opportunity to have a sit down with Vini Vici before their performance.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Q1: You have toured India on a lot of occasions earlier. Tell us more about your experience and also how the Indian crowd is different from elsewhere?

A1: Every scene in the world is very different. The people who live there, the population who live there & even the weather or the way they`ve been educated with music. The Indian people have always been fond of Psytrance, its in the Indian culture especially with Goa where Psytrance began. So I think the Indian people really understand Psytrance and its culture. Also, India is a very spiritual place and Psytrance is spiritual music so I think India is a really good place to play.


Q2: Y`all recently started a new monthly radio show (Dreamstate radio). Walk us through what kind of music you guys play on the show and also where our readers could send their demos to maybe have their music featured on the show?

A2: Well actually we`re very open minded. With this radio show we want to show the world the big variety of Psytrance. For us good music is good music. And of course we love to get demos from people and get new producers. You can send your demos to and then I would forward it to the writer of the show.



Q3: Psytrance has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years. Some of the credit goes to the amazing work ethic you guys have put up. What changes with all the added attention you guys have got?

A3: Basically the electronic dance music scene was a little stuck. All the music was sounding the same and people got tired of that. Every DJ was coming up and playing the same music. I think we came with the right sound in the right moment. Something that is different yet popular enough and easy to the ear. I think this was the combination of people looking for something new and we coming up with the writing that fit the dance floor and is punchy enough and of course we`re lucky.


Q4: Tell us something about how it was like working with the legend Armin Van Buuren on a couple of tracks? Also, who would be your dream collaboration?

A4: Armin Van Buuren is an amazing person. More than the music its amazing to see how humble he is and how supportive he is to so many people. It was a pleasure to work with him on Great Spirit and then United and I`m sure there would be many more. My dream collaboration is without a doubt Daft Punk. 


Q5: Would you give any tips to upcoming producers from India? Also what is the key to finding success both as a DJ and Producers?

A5: The most important thing is to be unique. If you want to be unique you need to think out of the box, constantly & work really hard. If you don`t have the best sound, maybe you can give it to someone and he will help you with it. If you`re not the best musician maybe you can work hard and learn or maybe I don`t know maybe someone can help you. If you`re going to do something someone else is doing you`re already second to him. But if you do your own thing, you`ll be the first.


Q6: Tell us more about your latest release, Gaia?

A6: Gaia is a collaboration with Blastoyz an upcoming Psytrance artist and Jean Marie an Italian producer. Its a song which will give you the full Psytrance journey. We always like to have an ethnic vibe, this time we went with a Middle Eastern ethnic vibe. Yeah we really like it, its done amazing on the dance floor.


Q7: What can we expect from your set tonight? Can you tell us about any ID`s you guys would be playing tonight?

A7: Yeah we`re going to play a couple of unreleased tracks. Even though our tour schedule is so crazy that we barely have time to produce but somehow we find some time on the way. We`re used to it because we travel so much. So yeah there will be a few new tracks and some edits and also a mashup that we prepared for you guys. I can`t talk much about the ID`s but there are a few surprises for next year, but I prefer to keep quiet until it actually happens. 


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